5 Growth Factors Complex

The 5 growth factors and cytokines contained in 5-GFC are essential for the skin’s natural repair process

• 5-GFC is a composition of proteins (polypeptides) that are responsible for skin repair.

• 5-GFC is extracted from whey, in which proteins and cytokines are found in an inactive form.

• A special technology allows inactive proteins and cytokines to be activated through a natural, non-enzymatic process.

Which growth factors are present?

• PDGFs (Platelet-Derived) – are involved in all phases of skin repair, attracting specialized cells to the affected area, stimulating the formation of new skin and influencing the activity of other growth factors.

• TGFs (transforming) – are a group of growth factors with various functions that affect cell proliferation, adhesion and differentiation.

FGFs (fibroblasts) – form a broad group of growth factors. They are involved in cell proliferation, differentiation, migration of skin cells and blood vessel formation. These factors are released throughout the repair process.

• EGFs (epidermal) – were the first growth factors described in 1962. Their function is to repair wounds, stimulating the growth of skin cells.

• IGFs (insulin-like) – are released during the inflammatory process. Along with other growth factors, they coordinate the transition from the inflammatory to the proliferative phase.


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