Especially in the remodelling phase, it is worthwhile to effectively support the skin in its regeneration process.

Wound healing is a natural process, however the affected skin needs to be effectively repaired.

Dermaexel® Skin Repair is a soft cream that contains 5 growth factors (5 Growth Factor Complex – 5 GFC) in its composition:

Improves the skin’s physiological repair process through…

• A FASTER regeneration of the skin (after wound closure).

• BETTER skin quality, hydration, firmness, smoothness and skin tone.

• Dermaexel is easy to apply and absorbes quickly into the skin.

Growth factors and their importance for wound healing

• It is generally agreed that growth factors play an important role in wound healing.

• Attract cells to the affected area and stimulate cell proliferation.

• Promote the collagen and fibronectin formation to give the skin firmness and elasticity.

• They coordinate the entire cell repair process.


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